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Awesome! These 7 Extraordinary DIY Chicken Coops Are Built From Old Cabinets And The Like


In the quest to be self-sufficient many of us have determined to adopt homesteading lifestyles. The degree to which
this is practiced depends largely on the level of urbanisation of your locality and as usual, state permissions or -if you like-, restrictions.

What homesteading skills do you have to ensure your consistent self-sustenance and self-dependence? Are you able to get your own food with the barest of implements and natural resources? To be able to answer this confidently enough you should be well versed in practices such as backyard or small-scale farming, fishing techniques, and animal rearing and few others.

One of the low-cost options of rearing animals that also involves relatively less work but is rewarding in many ways in the raising of chickens. Their dietary demands are easy to cope with on a small scale and they do not require much in terms of space. For this reason, we’ve sampled a few DIY chicken coop designs that almost anyone should have no trouble building and each with its own unique advantage…

(Do not forget to check out number four and see why it’s everyone’s favorite!)


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