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Awesome! What She Makes From A 3/4″ Plywood And A Piano Hinge Fits In Every Man’s Workshop

fold down workbench(zero space)


April Wilkinson the woodworker, is a great inspiration to many  for two main reasons. Firstly because she stands tall in a male dominated space and secondly because she actually does come out with some pretty great and useful stuff and always with a well produced follow-along video.

And today’s project does not become an exception. It ticks all the checkboxes of the qualities described above. Chances are you’ve also found yourself in the constant battle for working or storage space in your home. Truth be told, humans just like fluids ‘expand’ to fill and use(more like abuse) the spaces they’re given.

fold down workbench(zero space)4


This has led to a number of innovative wood and furniture designs and April has built and documented how simple it is to squeeze just a little bit more space out if  your garage/workshop or virtually anywhere inside your home…


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