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insert image: utility trailer light

Tired of Constantly Changing Trailer Lights…Here’s A Cool Solution!

  There are definitely more than a handful of reasons to dole out cash for a Utility Trailer, as the name suggests these things ...
[image] diy gas mask

Crucial, See How A 2-Liter Bottle and A Can of Soda Can Save You In One of The Rarest Yet Most Deadly Survival Situations!

  During a SHTF event, the very air we breathe unfortunately offers itself as a suitable medium for attacks, specifically Nuclear, ...
moded hot glue gun

Perfect! With A Vice and A Drill, He Makes Working With A Glue Gun A Lot Less Messier

  No one meddles with the practice of DIY long enough without having to use certain everyday tools such as the hot glue gun. ...
Awesome A Water Pump That Needs No Electricity or fuel!

[VIDEO] Awesome A Water Pump That Needs No Electricity or fuel!

  If you’ve just started your homesteading journey or still in the planning phase you definitely have come across the critical ...
diy laser guided slingshot

[VIDEO] Just Drill 3 Holes Into An Aluminium Pipe & You’re Halfway Through A Super Guided Survival Slingshot

  One of the most significant developments in the slingshot technology happened about a century and a half ago after the invention ...
diy leaf blower cheese ball machine gun

Lol…This DIY Is The Reason Why Not Every Adult Should Handle A Leaf Blower!

Looks like that dog wants more; anyone would, here’s why: Ideally, this post should be about the benefits of cheese balls (if ...

Projects Like These Are The Very Reason Why Woodworking Is Never A Dull Venture!

  In the quest for sustenance, a man must work (or at least have someone work for him). Not really the best to shed more light ...

So Cool! With This Anyone SHould Be Able To Make A Good Hunting From Old Bicycle Parts:

  Hunting for game is not only fun and sporty, it’s satisfactory and an answer to the primal cravings man still possesses ...

These 9 Fantastic Projects Are For Those Who Find Working With PVC As Easy As ABC!

  Not long ago we had a look at some pretty amazing DIY projects made primarily and some strictly from PVC pipes and fittings ...