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image: fire after rain - batoning-wood-for-fuel (morethanjustsurviving)

See why all your fire starting skills will likely fail after it rains…and what you MUST DO!

  So one of the most common survival skills almost everyone knows about or one that comes to mind when we talk about survival ...
moded hot glue gun

Perfect! With A Vice and A Drill, He Makes Working With A Glue Gun A Lot Less Messier

  No one meddles with the practice of DIY long enough without having to use certain everyday tools such as the hot glue gun. ...
diy laser guided slingshot

[VIDEO] Just Drill 3 Holes Into An Aluminium Pipe & You’re Halfway Through A Super Guided Survival Slingshot

  One of the most significant developments in the slingshot technology happened about a century and a half ago after the invention ...

So Cool! With This Anyone SHould Be Able To Make A Good Hunting From Old Bicycle Parts:

  Hunting for game is not only fun and sporty, it’s satisfactory and an answer to the primal cravings man still possesses ...

These 9 Fantastic Projects Are For Those Who Find Working With PVC As Easy As ABC!

  Not long ago we had a look at some pretty amazing DIY projects made primarily and some strictly from PVC pipes and fittings ...
paper saw blade

[VIDEO] When He Fixed A Sheet Of Paper Into His Tablesaw, The Outcome Baffled All!

  Remember rock paper scissor? Whether you were good at it or not there’s a new twist to the game in woodworking and paper ...
diy matchbox speaker

[VIDEO] Awesome! Here’s How To Make A Microphone From A Matchbox And A 9v Battery

  There are some projects you see and you start wondering does this really work? Well, it’s the same with today’s ...
diy pvc fishing light-kip kay

[VIDEO] How Awesome! Two Cuts Of PVC For As Many Fish As Possible Cheap And Easy!

  Let’s go fishing shall we… Fishing occupies its own place among the top human sustenace methods that have fed generations upon ...

Here Are Four Incredible Ways Plastic Bottle Waste Can Be A Savior When SHTF!

  In the aftermath of a disaster, there’s the common occurrence of a shortage of vital and even basic human necessities ...