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Here’s How A Couple Of Pipes And Few Hours Of Sunlight Make A Most Unbeatable Bargain


There’s nothing like renewable energy. It’s safer for both man and environment, it’s cheaper (especially in the longer term) and has a very minimal (negative) environmental impact and unwanted by-products if any at all. This is simply because Nature takes care of it all. Everything by design is worked out perfectly by the ecosystem and all we’ve got to do is tap into it.

No waste about it, I’m an advocate for green :), but what we’re going to see today gets my vote not only for this reason but also because it simplifies a DIY project attempted by many and yet very few really get it right without wasting too many resources or ending up with a non-functional system.

black plastic pipes
black plastic pipes (instructables)


The beautiful thing about this prize-winning system, in particular, is that it is fully automated such that the pipes are automatically refilled with fresh water after it has been emptied. It can also hold and provide up to 30liters of hot water after less than two hours of sun time…


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