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Lol…This DIY Is The Reason Why Not Every Adult Should Handle A Leaf Blower!

diy leaf blower cheese ball machine gun

Looks like that dog wants more; anyone would, here’s why:
Ideally, this post should be about the benefits of cheese balls (if any at all). But no, today’s piece is all
about the benefits wasting them, loads of them! Not long ago, we shared a post on what a father will do for child’s sake and today’s article is to be the icing on the cake…A cheesecake preferably.

Most dogs or pets in general, do not fancy very much moving or spinning objects. Every dog owner is familiar with these kinds of reactions. In the season where there is a lot of shedding of leaves and consequently gathering and collection, the leaf blower get’s busy and the dogs get uncomfortable.


diy leaf blower cheese ball machine gun


A playful yet skillful DIY addict thought that there were way more ‘important’ ways to put leaf blowers to use than the task of gathering and cleaning. Honestly I do agree with him, at least after seeing what came out of his leaf blower and I bet you will too…


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