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Projects Like These Are The Very Reason Why Woodworking Is Never A Dull Venture!


In the quest for sustenance, a man must work (or at least have someone work for him). Not really the best to shed more light than just to say that, once again Abraham Maslow’s theory of basic human need proves to be very useful.

One way to ensure we get the best out of our jobs is just to be excited about what it is we do. As simple as that. If we’ve got to do something that’s not the first choice use of our time, we might as well make the best out of it while we have to endure. That’s the least anyone can do.


diy string powered catapult


But making the best out of job time does not only apply to the one who hasn’t found themselves in theirdream place. It also applies to those who are in the first choice ’employment’ but get lost in the monotony of a seemingly unending series of tasks and targets.
And this can be helped with a fun project, a benign target literally, something different, something you can’t wait to get done and something that is fun; Afterall it’s in a warm bath (not in the lab) that we do get those eureka moments…


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