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So Cool! With This Anyone SHould Be Able To Make A Good Hunting From Old Bicycle Parts:


Hunting for game is not only fun and sporty, it’s satisfactory and an answer to the primal cravings man still possesses from the days of grandpa Adam and unfortunately or fortunately we can’t shake off this ‘bad habit’.

So why don’t we indulge a bit more and this time actually we have better motivation and justification…Survival!
Whether in anticipation of the fast approaching zombie apocalypse, a human or natural disaster (or I daresay
the white walkers) it’s a good and basic skill to be able to make a fine durable bow from things as ordinary as bicycle parts…

DIY survival bow from bicycle parts
DIY survival bow from bicycle parts (instructables)


Now you are not going to be able to pin down a big and wild jungle cat with this weapon but you can surely go spear fishing or catch a few squirrels and rabbit for dinner…


See How To Make A Small Game Hunting Weapon From Bicycle Parts…

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