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[VIDEO] Awesome: How To Make A Cool Souvenir Clock From The Most Valuable Part Of An Old Computer

diy hard drive clock


Today’s episode is a retro project, all about time and timing (really the right timing). When you buy an item for hundreds of dollars or perhaps thousands and you have to get rid of it because a single component or part of the item is not functioning properly it can be a pain in the worst of places ;).

We often face this with electronic gadgets/devices, one very common occurrence these days is the cracking of
smartphone screens. Thankfully, though, the systems that be, often provide replacements of screens or a similarly satisfactory offer that does not affect the customer that much and turns out to be a good bargain.

diy clock from a computer hard disk drive


Well, that may not be the case when your hard drive develops a fault and is either making those dreaded click sounds
or wouldn’t even read at all. It’s not all bad news. With today’s trivia project you can turn a hard drive into a fine clock as a souvenir or a show piece in your living room or office…


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