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[VIDEO] Just Drill 3 Holes Into An Aluminium Pipe & You’re Halfway Through A Super Guided Survival Slingshot

diy laser guided slingshot


One of the most significant developments in the slingshot technology happened about a century and a half ago after the invention of vulcanized rubber. This is because not many materials could provide the elasticity requirements that made a good sling before that time.
The slingshot is understandably a choice weapon not only for mischievous -window breaking- youth but for guerillas in jungle warfare  and a few other good folks not captured in these two groups. This is due to the fact that it is mostly hand-crafted and can be made from very simple and common materials, least of them being twigs.

Whichever of the above categories you belong to, it’s almost a given that you’d find some use for the slingshot at its current state of evolution especially as a prepper.

diy laser guided slingshot


The slingshot is the friend of the survivalist because it is lightweight and has a unique advantage of not requiring any specialised or prefabricated ammunition. For this weapon, there are a plethora of ammunition choices that are not determined or limited by time, skill or environment.

We, however, want to focus on using it as a hunting weapon and so it helps to know that we can increase our chances of knocking down some game with a laser-guided shot…


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